The scope of work outlines the extent of the work to be performed including pages to be built, special functionality, design elements, and so forth. This clearly outlines what Nexwrx® is offering as the service to be performed. A scope of work solidifies the job and is a good start in ensuring the project is clear of ambiguity.

This is the number of revisions allowed for a project, (2 revisions is our standard). Keep in mind, a revision does not include minor, superficial changes to a concept, but rather a complete redesign of one concept to form another. By limiting the revisions, we protect ourself against projects that never leave the design stage.


All of our projects include a set of milestones to break work into manageable chunks. This clearly defines the different phases of the project as well as the planned length of time needed for each phase.


Anything that the client needs to provide to us to complete the project. This usually includes content, graphics, marketing literature, feedback, and technical specifications.

To start any project, we require 50% of the total cost of the project upfront. If your project requires more than one payment, we will determine a payment schedule that coincides with our timeline and deliverables, keeping each of us on task. We accept cash, money orders, credit or debit card, and PayPal payments. We are also willing to barter in exchange for other goods and services.


U.S. Copyright law states that the creator of a work owns the exclusive rights to that work from the moment it’s put into some tangible form. Simply put, copyright is the "right to copy" (i.e., reproduce) an original creation. The mere fact that a client paid for the work does not automatically assign him or her ownership. This means that, anything we create – be it logo, website, or some PHP code – belongs to us … unless we specify otherwise.

Nexwrx® retains the copyright even if the work is for a client. With that being said, we respect and acknowledge your right to use the files that we have designed for you, we only ask that you leave our design link in the footer. If we purchase content on your behalf, the copyright is retained with the original designer.


We retain all files until final payment is made, we will archive and deliver the source files at the end of the project. You can use them in any manor you want. We allow full-usage rights to our clients. We don't want to hold your files or website ransom.

At some point, we will ask you for information or content. If it takes you two weeks to send the information or content, it can potentially delay the whole project.


The delivery date for the website is eight weeks. Waiting for content has delayed the project by two weeks. However, you still expect the website to be finished by the agreed date.


Due to the lateness of the content, it’s highly unlikely that it’s still going to be possible to have the website finished by the specified date. As long as you keep the timeline in mind and deliver the content by the due dates, there should be no delays.


Acts of God is a legal term used to describe events that are beyond human control such as naturally occurring, unavoidable flooding or earthquake (power or Internet outages, equipment malfunctions). If an unforeseen event like an earthquake presents itself, the client may choose to terminate the contract or just agree to delay proceedings until the temporary set back is resolved.